Brand Ambassador

We are thrilled to announce that we are launching a Rugged Pilot brand ambassador program. We want you, our motivated and enthusiastic patron, to be an advocate for our brand and in return, we will hook you up with free product, swag, and discount codes to share with your family, friends and fellow aviators.

If selected to the program, we’ll provide each brand advocate a swag package of Rugged Pilot goods, products, gear and apparel. When we say a swag pack - we mean a complete swag package with some awesome stuff to show off your love of Rugged Pilot and what we offer.

Next, you will have a quick phone or video call with our CEO and social media team who will personally welcome you to the program, share with you a more detailed explanation of our company and what drove us to create the Rugged Pilot brand, as well as answer any questions that you might have about Rugged Pilot, our brand, products and the ambassador program. As aviators, it's also likely we will share some great stories about flying, lie about our best landings and have a good laugh.

Once you are all set up with the swag package and info, we'll issue you a monthly store credit to purchase product, gear, and more! We expect that you will use most of it to promote the Rugged Pilot brand, give it away at aviation themed events and talk up the products and brands within the aviation community.

For our more motivated and creative brand advocates, we do have the possibility of advancement and a more generous sponsorship. Potential for promotion will be assessed at the terminus of the initial three-month period.

Brand Advocates will be expected to post their Rugged Pilot product experience and unique ways to use our products on their Instagram feed (or other social feeds) while tagging @RuggedPilot. We’d love for you to share through your own personal experience(s) (Sharing with your experience in aviation, training, coffee and how you use the Rugged Pilot gear in your aviation life) and strongly
encourage creativity. The quantity of expected posts will be commensurate with the strength of your social following, but we would expect at least one post per week for the three-month period.

Brand advocates will provide a monthly update to the Rugged Pilot social media team to keep us apprised of your progress in sharing the message of Rugged Pilot coffee and our related apparel and gear.
We ask that our brand advocates commit to a minimum of three months of participation in the program.

Being selected for our Brand Advocate Program does not make you an employee of Rugged Pilot. You are not permitted to act on behalf of Rugged Pilot or resell any products received throughout the program, but we do encourage you to share product with your friends and family! The whole point is to share your love of the brand while receiving product for yourself in exchange for sharing with the aviation community.

To be considered, you must be:

  • 18 years or older 
  • Based in the US
  • Following @RuggedPilotcoffee on Instagram
  • An active participant in Aviation, Flight School, piloting, military, veteran or aviation related activities.
  • Active and public on Instagram with at least 1,000 followers. Your account cannot be private or change to private throughout the duration of the program.

Sound like a good fit? Go to our contact page and send us an email with your contact information and mention you are interested in being a brand ambassador.